Microaggressions in the Workplace

Microaggressions describe brief and pervasive slights against someone for discriminatory reasons, whether intended or not. These actions can reveal the deeply ingrained biases and prejudices held by many within an industry. 

Microaggressions Against Female Litigators

The article "What it Takes to Be a Trial Lawyer If You’re Not a Man" focuses on sexist micro-aggressions against female litigators. Unfortunately, the discrimination and bias female litigators experience is too real.

In the courtroom, I have had male judges refuse to look at me when I am talking. Those same judges hang on every word a male attorney says. At times, a male lawyer feels entitled to lecture me on how I “should have handled” something (aside from the fact his name is not on my door- mine is).

I can guarantee these behaviors would have never been inflicted on another male attorney. In these interactions, I was clearly told I had no business standing up or speaking out about sexism in my industry.

How Microaggressions Can Affect Your Work Life

Sadly, even though t this sort of micro-aggressive behavior happens in all professions, especially where women or people of color start to move up in the ranks.

Everyone needs to be aware of the harms micro-aggression can cause in the workplace and more importantly, that if it is affecting your opportunities. The law is likely being violated. Standing up for yourself is hard to do, but it is critical.

At Collins & Hunter, if you are ready to stand up, we will be right there with you, fighting for you and your rights.

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