Micro-Aggression in the Workplace

Unfortunately the discrimination and¬†bias female litigators experience is too real. And, it is not just in the courtroom, where I have had male judges refuse to look at me when I am talking, but hang on every word a male attorney says; or when a male lawyer feels entitled to lecture me on how I “should have handled” something (aside from the fact his name is not on my door- mine is).

In other words, I had no business standing up or speaking out about boorish, sexist behavior that I can guarantee would have never been inflicted on another male attorney.

Sadly, even though the article "What it Takes to Be a Trial Lawyer If You’re Not a Man"¬†focuses on female litigators, this sort of micro-aggressive behavior happens in all professions, especially where women or people of color start to move up in the ranks. Everyone needs to be aware of the harms micro-aggression can cause in the workplace and more importantly, that if it is affecting your opportunities- the law is likely being violated. Standing up for yourself is hard to do, but it is critical.

At Collins & Hunter, if you are ready to stand up, we will be right there with you, fighting for you and your rights. Every step of the way.

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