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Disability discrimination is when an employer treats an employee unfavorably because of a disability. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act provide protections for employees with disabilities. It doesn’t matter if you have had a disability in the past or have a lifelong condition, employers are not allowed to discriminate against you on these grounds.

It can be difficult to determine whether an employer’s actions are illegal. This is where the team at Collins & Hunter comes in. Our Nashville ADA discrimination lawyers can help you determine which actions are possible and recommended. We can also address any concerns you may have about the possible consequences of taking action in a disability discrimination case.

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Examples of Disability Discrimination

There are two primary types of disability discrimination - direct discrimination and indirect discrimination.

Direct discrimination occurs when you are treated worse than another person in similar circumstances to you because of your disability. For example, being denied for a job you were qualified for because the employer assumes you will raise their workers’ comp insurance premiums is direct discrimination.

Indirect discrimination is when a company institutes policies that more negatively impact disabled people than others. An example would be requiring all employees to participate in an exercise program or mandating that every employee obtains a driver’s license.

Other examples of disability & ADA discrimination include:

  • Asking job candidates about their current or past medical conditions
  • Forcing job applicants to take medical exams (so long as the job does not require specific physical capabilities)
  • Creating work environments that make life more difficult for disabled people (lack of ramps, handrails, handicap parking spots, etc.)
  • Refusing to provide reasonable accommodation for employees who can otherwise perform their job without difficulty.

Keep in mind that these protections do not just apply to physical disabilities. People with mental disabilities are also protected by the ADA.

We Will Pursue Your Disability Discrimination Case in Court

Finding gainful employment when you are disabled can be challenging. We know how important it is to have a stable job that allows you to live comfortably and handle medical expenses. If you suspect your employer is mistreating you or that your job was terminated because of a disability, we have the experience you need to build a powerful case.

While many cases can be settled out of court, there are occasions where our clients need more than what the other party is willing to offer. Inexperienced attorneys that have a poor trial record can actually hurt your case. If the opposing side is able to discover your lawyer’s record, they can leverage it against you and interpret it as a sign that your attorney lacks the proper skill set to defend you efficiently.

This won’t be a problem when you hire Collins & Hunter. Part of what sets our firm apart is our willingness to go to trial. We have extensive trial experience, and we will take your case as far as it needs to go to get the results you need.

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