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Our firm’s foundation was built on a profound loyalty to uphold the law and a deep desire to provide a voice to the voiceless throughout Nashville and the rest of Tennessee. We are dedicated to revealing truths, supportive to those who have been wronged, and relentless when fighting on your behalf.

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Collins & Hunter provides exclusive employment related representation and negotiation services.

Benefits to Choosing Us as Your Employment Attorneys

Nearly 90-95% of discrimination cases get resolved outside of the courtroom. We are innovative collaborators who are experienced at navigating dispute resolution to get great settlements for our clients. When we feel it is in our clients’ best interests, we also have the experience to take cases to trial.

Our Firm Has Active Trial Practice Under Its Belt

Many employment lawyers are likelier to suggest mediation or reach a settlement with the other party because they lack trial experience. The large number of attorneys who seldom or never take cases to trial shows that many attorneys fail to have adequate courtroom experience for properly representing their clients.

Workplace discrimination is a serious matter, and you need a dedicated employment attorney on your side who has experience with mediation and negotiation as well as trial.

We are dedicated to revealing truths, supportive to those who have been wronged, and relentless when fighting on your behalf.

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Discrimination & Harassment

Harassment is any form of conduct that intimidates, frightens, annoys, and/or threatens a person. Discrimination is unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex. Discrimination and harassment can take many forms.


Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination is when an employer fires an employee under direct violation of federal, state, and/or local laws. If there was a breach of contract on the employers behalf, that also falls under this category.


Sexual Harassment

Any unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. There are two different sexual harassment claim types, and each state varies with their protection laws.


Disability Discrimination

Disability discrimination occurs when an employer or other entity covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act or the Rehabilitation Act treats a qualified individual with a disability who is an employee or applicant unfavorably because the person has a disability.

EEOC Practice & Guidelines

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has strict guidelines in all aspects of the hiring, employment, and firing process. EEOC enforces federal laws that make discrimination against an applicant or employee illegal when it is based on age, sex (pregnancy, gender identity, sexual orientation), race, color, disability, religion, national origin, and/or genetic information. It is important for you to understand your rights and know when they are being violated. We follow the EEOC practices throughout our entire process.

We regularly work on cases involving EEOC guidelines, such as harassment (including sexual harassment), wrongful termination, retaliation, Title IX discrimination, as well as discrimination based on race, sex, nation of origin, age, or pregnancy.

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The attorneys at Collins & Hunter PLLC have dedicated their careers and their practices to fighting for workers’ rights in Tennessee. Located just outside of Nashville, we are well-situated to serve the rights of employees throughout the state of Tennessee.

We focus our practice exclusively on the representation of employees who have been discriminated, harassed or retaliated against in the workplace. Whether your case is related to your race, sex, disability, medical leave, nationality or age, we will stand up for you.

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